Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of Legal Counsel in a Corporate Setting

In the complex world of business, the importance of legal counsel cannot be underestimated. They are entrusted with the task of ensuring that all activities conducted by a corporation are in accordance with the law. The wide array of responsibilities held by corporate lawyers is what this article will explore. One of the primary responsibilities of legal counsel in a corporate setting is the provision of legal advice. It is through their expertise that corporations are able to navigate the myriad laws, regulations, and contracts that govern their operations.

Standing Firm Against Drug Crime Charges When You Are Guilty

You have committed a drug crime that you cannot deny, no matter how many excuses you try to come up with. However, you do not have to tolerate unfair treatment or accept any sentence that is handed to you in a court of law. If you do not know your rights regarding drug crimes, it is easy to assume that you are being given a fair sentence. You deserve the representation of an attorney who can present the most ideal defense in court for the crime that was committed.

2 Reasons PIP Insurance May Deny Your Claim

Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is supposed to cover medical and funeral expenses incurred as a result of being involved in an auto accident, regardless of who's at fault for the collision. Unfortunately, providers will find no reason to deny claims just to save a few dollars. Here are two common reasons why your insurer may deny your PIP claim and what you can do about it. You Missed the Deadline