Driving Under The Influence: What It Could Mean For You If You're A Minor

It isn't at all uncommon for teenagers to do things that they aren't supposed to. They don't always turn in their homework, sometimes they see a boy or girl that their parents forbid them to see, and they can tend to sneak out after curfew. Therefore, it goes without saying that some teens are likely to try alcohol. Eventually, this could lead to some getting behind the wheel after having a drink.

Tips for Handling Federal Criminal Charges

Finding yourself served with a subpoena for federal criminal charges can be a frightening experience, especially when you aren't familiar with the basics of a sound defense. It is important to note that you aren't likely to face charges like this unless the prosecution has already proven a sound enough case to justify an indictment. A grand jury indictment is generally the product of months, if not years, of investigation and evidence-gathering.

3 Don'ts To Avoid A DUI Conviction

Seeing flashing blue lights behind your vehicle can always be a bit unnerving. If your driving maneuvers cause a police officer to suspect that you are driving while intoxicated, the results of the encounter with the officer can have dire consequences. In order to avoid a DUI conviction that could result in hefty fines and even time in jail, it is best to proceed with caution during your interaction with the officer.

A Car Just Crashed Through Your Living Room: What Are Your Legal Rights Here?

You and your family were just sitting at home, minding your own business, when a car suddenly burst through your wall and scared the wits out of everyone. Nobody was seriously hurt, but you now have a large hole in your home and a variety of other property damage to fix. What are your legal rights here? Can you sue the driver? Or will their insurance cover it?  There Are Limits To Insurance Policy Coverage

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Charged With A DUI

A DUI charge is a serious matter that can result in serious consequences, such as a suspended license, jail time and job loss. However, if you remain calm and avoid saying or doing the wrong things during court proceedings, you will be more likely to have a good outcome. Here are five common DUI mistakes you should avoid making: Pleading Guilty Right Away Even if your blood alcohol level was way over the legal limit, you should not just plead guilty right away.

Answering A Couple Of Questions About DWI Charges

Facing a criminal charge of driving while intoxicated can be a serious problem to encounter, but it can be easy to get this charge if you make the mistake of driving too soon after having even just a few drinks. If you are not particularly informed about DWI charges, learning the following answers to common questions will help you to be prepared if you must face this problem in the future.

Did Someone Jump In Front Of Your Car And Get Hit Accidentally? Get A Lawyer Fast

If you were driving down the road and you hit someone crossing the street, but the person ran out suddenly and it isn't fair that you're facing criminal charges, you'll want to hire a lawyer right away. If you can show that you weren't speeding, you weren't intoxicated, and that you weren't driving recklessly in any way, it shouldn't be your fault that the person ran out in front of you.

What To Do When You're Being Investigated For Child Abuse

Being investigated for an allegation of child abuse is a serious situation that should not be taken lightly. An investigation can easily turn into a formal charge if you don't know how to proceed. Unfortunately, this statement is true even if you aren't guilty. If you are being investigated for this crime, it is imperative that you understand how to progress forward. Child Abuse When people hear the term child abuse they generally think of direct physical abuse, such as hitting a child.

How Much Will A DUI Conviction Cost You?

No matter how many times you hear that a conviction for driving under the influence has serious consequences, it is unlikely that you can really understand the total costs until you see them laid out in detail. A DUI conviction is no slap on the wrist, financially or emotionally. Here's exactly what you have to lose if you get caught drinking and driving: Bail Typically, the cost of bail is set by the judge and is based on your DUI record, criminal history, whether you may have caused injury to others, and how many ties you have to the community around you.

4 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A DWI Arrest

A charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI) is very serious, and if you are pulled over and arrested for suspected drunk driving it is in your best interest to hire an experienced DWI attorney as quickly as possible. While you are not required to have an attorney after being arrested for DWI, trying to defend yourself in a court of law is usually one of the worst things you can do.