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Standing Firm Against Drug Crime Charges When You Are Guilty

You have committed a drug crime that you cannot deny, no matter how many excuses you try to come up with. However, you do not have to tolerate unfair treatment or accept any sentence that is handed to you in a court of law. If you do not know your rights regarding drug crimes, it is easy to assume that you are being given a fair sentence. You deserve the representation of an attorney who can present the most ideal defense in court for the crime that was committed. In fact, you should not even speak about or admit that you are guilty before you have hired an attorney.

What Type of Drug Crime Was Committed?

Although you are aware that you are guilty of committing a drug crime, it does not mean that you committed the crime you are being charged with. For example, if you are accused of distributing drugs when you were actually just enjoying drugs with a group of friends, the penalty should not be as severe. Proving that you are not a drug dealer in such a case can be difficult unless you hire an attorney. Any attorney knows how to explain why you had such a large stock of drugs, as well as what your intent was. Sometimes people stock up on drugs for their own personal use, especially when there is a strong addiction to the substance.

Do You Feel Bullied into Making a Confession?

Police officers have the right to interrogate an arrestee, but only if an arrestee has agreed to speak. The most important right that all criminals have no matter what type of crime was committed is the right to remain silent. If a police officer refused your right of remaining silent by bullying you into talking and confessing, it can be used in your favor. For example, if you were bullied into making a confession, an attorney can prove that you did not mean what you have confessed to. They can prove that you only confessed to the crime out of fear.

How Extensive is Your Criminal Background?

An attorney will use your criminal background to build your case against the drug charges. For example, if you do not have an extensive record of committing drug crimes, it can be used to prove that you are not a bad person. Your character, empathy, and willingness to make positive changes can impact the sentence you are given. If an unfair sentence is given, an attorney can continue to fight on your behalf by filing an appeal.

To see more ways they can help, reach out to a drug crime attorney near you.