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Four Stories Of Strange Behaviors That Resulted In Criminal Arrests

Over the course of a year, law enforcement arrests approximately one in 25 Americans. Most of these arrests are predictable and ordinary, but on occasion, these arrests are made for very strange reasons. Here are four examples:

Going Postal

On September 24, 2014, U.S.P.S. mail carrier Joseph Brucato failed to deliver over 40,000 pieces of mail. The reason? Brucato was keeping this undelivered mail--2,500 pounds of it--in his house, his car, and his work locker. 

One of the post office supervisors discovered a pile of undelivered mail in Brucato's car and notified law enforcement. Police officers arrested Brucato on federal charges, including delay and destruction of mail. Law enforcement then seized the undelivered mail, some of which dated back ten years. 

A Canned Assault

In 2013, Florida police arrested 34-year-old Jayson Laughman after receiving a 911 call from Laughman's stepfather. The call resulted from a verbal argument between Laughman and his stepfather that quickly escalated. Laughman first smashed a lawn ornament and then, after "cooling off," took a samurai-style sword, sliced his bedroom door, and then chased his stepfather with it. He also threw two steak knives at his stepfather.

As odd as Laughman's rampage sounds, it is the cause of his rampage that is the true head-scratcher. The argument between Laughman and Laughman's stepfather began when the stepfather could not find his can of shrimp. He accused Laughman of taking it, and Laughman did not accept the accusation lightly.

Stripped of Responsibility

On a July night in 2012, Brandi Jo Roman, another Florida resident, was charged for peculiar behavior. Officers responded to a call outside of the Mons Venus strip club and arrested a very inebriated Roman. Yet, her drunkenness was not the cause of her arrest--Roman had left her two young children in the car while she partied inside of the strip club.

A passerby discovered the two children in the parked car and called law enforcement. The children were placed into custody and Roman received child neglect charges.

Run In With the Law

In July, 2014, a Mississippi police officer pulled over Roger Wayne Beasley Jr. for careless driving and an improper lane change. Beasley did not have a driver license and he was carrying crack cocaine so, after stopping his vehicle, Beasley decided to make a run for it. 

In an effort to make a getaway, Beasley raced into a building. He was immediately surrounded by a bevy of police officers that were attending a training session. During the heat of the chase, Beasley failed to notice that the building was actually a police officer training academy. For more help, try contacting a company like Anggelis and Gordon Attorneys At Law with any questions or concerns you might have.